ERITREA, Asmara International Community School

16 Mar

This is the chosen drawing to represent Eritrea and the Asmara International Community School on the 2012 art quilt. Both Eva Heerschap, Grade 4 and Danique Diks, Grade 5, completed this drawing together.

Eva and Danique’s message: “People don’t understand that war is wrong!”

Thank you to Jack F. Shepherd Jr., Director of the school, and to everyone involved in this project from your school. It is so great to have the young people from Eritrea represented.

Eritrean Flag Meaning:
The green stripe symbolises the agricultural and livestock economy of Eritrea. The red stands for the blood shed during Eritrea’s struggle for independence. The blue represents the marine wealth while the yellow represents the mineral wealth of Eritrea. The olive wreath and branch on the flag originate from Eritrea’s first national flag which was used between 1952 and 1959. The olive wreath was adopted from the United Nations flag and symbolises peace.

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