OMAN, The ABA School Muscat

8 Mar


The first drawing is the chosen drawing to represent students from The ABA School in Muscat, Oman completed by Mimi from 4S.

We all wish for Peace because we deserve a happy life

Oman’s second drawing is full of the joys of Spring.

We all wish for Peace because it’s like the sound of robins in Spring

Thank you to Michael Berry the coordinator at this school for the successful outcome of this project for Oman.

Oman Flag Meaning:
The red base is taken from Oman’s previous flag and represents the reigning Al Bu Said dynasty, which has been ruling Oman since the mid-18th century and also symbolizes the difficulties Oman overcame in its search for independence. The color white historically represents the imam, the Islamic religious leaders of the country and also stands for peace and prosperity. Green is the color of Islam and represents the fertility of the country as well as Al Jabal al Akhdar (the Green Mountains) in the north-east of the country.

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