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ARUBA, International School of Aruba

31 Mar

Thank you to the students from the International School of Aruba for this fantastic drawing. The sand and sea look very enticing!

The young people say:” We need Peace for not having wars and we can work together like Aruba that is one HAPPY ISLAND.”

Thank you also to Karoli Melwani for organising the project giving all the middle school students a voice for peace.

Aruban Flag Meaning:
There are conflicting meanings of the Aruba flag’s colours. One theory states that the four pointed star represents the island itself and its four main languages, Papiamento, Spanish, English and Dutch. The light blue represents the sea and sky. The yellow stripes stand for the wanglo, a yellow coloured rain-flower. Another theory states that yellow is the colour of abundance, representing Aruba’s past and present industries of gold, aloe and oil; red stands for the love that each Aruban has for their country and for the ancient industry of Brazil wood; and white represents the snow-white beaches as well as the purity of the hearts of Aruba’s natives who strive for justice, order and liberty. The yellow stripes also symbolise the free and separate position the island enjoys in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

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31 Mar

“St. George School proudly presents the art work of  Mary Liang to be part of the Peace Quilt for the Summer Olympics 2012 in London.
We would like to extend our most sincere gratitude for allowing our students to be part of such an important event and message to all the world. We firmly believe that these types of educational projects also serve a  lesson in civics and the need for Peace during times of conflict throughout the world. I would like to thank Mr. Mauricio Benavides, Head of the Art Department for all the  guidance he provided to the students during this project.

Once again, thank you for considering St George as a representative of the Dominican Republic and the values we share.

Valinda Valdez, Director of International Projects/School Development”

Well done to Mary whose quote reads: “We all wish for peace because it is a state of mind in which we can all accept each other as equal.”

A huge thank you to all the students who took part and to Valinda Valdez for making it all possible.

Dominican Republic Flag Meaning:
The blue in the Dominican Republic flag stands for liberty; the colour red for the fire and bloodshed of the struggle for independence; and the white cross symbolises the sacrifice of the people.

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BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA United World College in Mostar

31 Mar

From UWC, Mostar in Bosnia & Herzegovina we received six paintings submitted on behalf of other schools in the town. Thank you to all the students involved both for their leadership and creativity.



This first design was chosen to represent the young people of Bosnia and Herzegovina and was created by Andrea.

Andrea’s message: “Peace is in love and understanding people.”

The next quote reads: Everything we need is peace.

“Mir je Povezanost” meaning Peace is connection, by Amar P.

We believe the translation of the next quote reads, “Peace is a cool and happy friend.”

We are unsure of the translation for the next quote but is something like ‘Peace is a good life.’ If anyone is able to translate Bosnian we would very grateful if you are able to translate for us.

The final quote is: Mir je sastavni dio Livota meaning Peace is an integral part of life.

Special thanks to Larisa Maksumic, who, as a coordinator in this school, organised students to be leaders for this project. In turn these leaders organised the activity in their town with many paintings completed as a result. It was a great foresight on Larisa’s part and we are very grateful to everyone who has taken part from Mostar. 

Bosnia and Herzegovina Flag Meaning:
The three points of the triangle stand for the three nation theory of Bosnia, representing the people who make up the nation. These are the Croats, Bosniaks and Serbs. The white stars represent Europe and they are meant to be infinite in number.

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TURKEY, Islim Marufogu Elementary School

31 Mar

Here we welcome the drawing to represent Turkey on the International Peace Quilt. Thank you to all the students involved from Islim Marufogu Elementary School, Nizip. 

Their message reads: “We all wish for Peace because peace gives birth to love and love gives birth to a human….”

Thank you to Songul Csonka for co-ordinating the project in this school. Also special thanks to Eva Fejer for helping us  reach Turkey and  the Islim Marufogu Elementary School.

Interesting Turkish Flag Facts:
The Flag of Turkey is called ‘Ay Yildiz’ in Turkish which means ‘moon star’ in English.

Another nickname for the Turkish flag is ‘al sancak’, which translates roughly into ‘red banner’.

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RUSSIA, The International School of Moscow

31 Mar

This is the drawing chosen to represent students of the International School of Moscow, Russia on the international art quilt.

The students’ message: “Peace is a power that cannot be defeated or destroyed.”

Thank you to Pratibha Arora, Y1A teacher for the coordination of this project in your school.

Russian Flag Meaning:
The design of the Russian flag is based on the flag of the Netherlands.

The Russian flag has also inspired the flags of many Slavic nations of Europe, and the colours are often referred to as the pan-Slavic colours.They have come to represent Slavic independence and unity. There is no official meaning of the Russian flag but some Russians believe the following: In Russia the white symbolises generosity and frankness; blue stands for loyalty, honesty and wisdom; red means courage, magnanimity and love. Many people also believe red represents Russian people, blue represents the Ukrainians, and white represents the Belo Russians.

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COSTA RICA, The Lincoln School

30 Mar

Thank you so much to the students of the Lincoln School for this design chosen to represent Costa Rica.

“This is our contribution to the Peace Quilt, it´s a traditional Costa Rican landscape.
The quote was created by a 4th grade student, the original idea for the landscape was developed by one of our 4th graders but this particular drawing was done by one of our 5th grade students.
Please let me know if there is anything else we can help you with!” Marta

Their message: “We all wish for peace because it`s love`s sister and happiness` brother.”

Thank you to Marta Merino, Art teacher, for the successful completion of this project for Costa Rica.

Costa Rican Flag Meaning:

The colours of the Costa Rican flag represent different aspects of Costa Rica: The colour blue represents the sky, opportunities at reach, intellectual thinking, perseverance, infinite, eternity, and ideals of the religious and spiritual desires; the colour white symbolises clear thinking, happiness, wisdom, power and beauty of the sky, initiative to search for new endeavours, and peace; and the colour red represents the warmth of the Costa Rican people, their love of life, their blood shed for freedom, and their generosity.

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SURINAME, International Academy of Suriname

30 Mar

Representing the nation of Suriname, this is the drawing from the students of the International Academy of Suriname.

“Here is our entry for the Peace Quilt Project. Our kids had a great time working on these. I wish we could have sent in more than one. We have some great artists here in Suriname.Thank you for the opportunity to participate in such a grand event. Hopefully we can see the finished project!” Carmen Miller

The young people of Suriname say: “We all wish for peace because it helps us to be better human beings and to respect everyone.”

Thank you to Carmen Miller for coordinating the project in this school and to all the students for this lovely design.

 Suriname Flag Meaning:
The red stripe represents the country’s progress and struggle to achieve a better quality of life. The white stands for freedom and justice and green symbolises the fertility and natural resources of the land, as well as hope. Originally, the colours also represented three of Suriname’s political parties. Red was for the Hindu Vatan Hitkari, white represented the People’s Party and green stood for the National Party. The star represents a golden future for Suriname, achieved through unity and hard work. The individual points represent the country’s five main ethnic groups of the nation which are Creoles (mixed African and Native American descent), Asian Indians, Chinese, American Indians and Europeans.
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