GEORGIA, New School, Tbilisi

27 Feb

The design above is the winning drawing chosen to represent  New school Tbilisi, Georgia on the Schools’ International Peace Quilt.This expressive drawing has been created by Dea Shatirishvili from 6th grade.

Dea says: We all wish for Peace because no war is sensible.

The next drawing has  been done by student Giorgi Mikautadze; this drawing includes two folk dancers wearing national dress and dancing on a map of Georgia.

Giorgi’s message is: We all wish for Peace because we are all children of God.

The third image has been created by Katya Ganapolsky.

Katya says: If vikings and aragons were fighting for territory like we do, that means we are same, so stupid ?

Next we have two lovely swans which have been created by the 7th grade students in the school.

The message reads: We all wish for peace because we will not learn how  to live in peace if you don’t stop killing each others children!!!! PEACE 

And finally, this drawing has been designed by Dimitri Popkhadze.

Dimitri says: We all wish for Peace because we are one family and we must not kill each other.

“Thank you so much for this wonderful project. Students felt themselves as part of a whole world. It was a perfect idea to emphasise international mindedness among our growing generation. We are happy to represent Georgia on a quilt.  Besides, it was technically extremely easy to scan and send A4 drawings. Thank you once more!

We look forward to see a photo of the completed Quilt.

Wish you success!


Sophie Keburia, Arts teacher at the “New School” – International School of Georgia. “

A very well done to everyone involved for their brilliant creativeness.

Georgian Flag Meaning:
The central design element of the “Five Cross” flag is the St. George Cross in the middle of it. The St. George Cross is still used as the national flag of England. St George is the patron saint of Georgia. According to Georgian scholar Giorgi Gabeskiria, the four small crosses were probably added during the reign of Giorgi V who drove out the Mongols. Around that era, the new flag design was adopted as a variation of the Jerusalem cross, a symbol used by crusaders in the Holy Land, which also used a central cross with four smaller “crosslets” in its four corners. The crosses are said to have represented the five Holy Wounds of Christ.

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2 Responses to “GEORGIA, New School, Tbilisi”

  1. Sophie March 2, 2011 at 05:08 #

    Our winner Dea Shatirishvili wanted to fix in her drawing a respect to Picasso’s contribution to symbolism of Peace.

  2. Ms. Jesi September 3, 2013 at 19:34 #

    Who will you make peace with?

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