BAHRAIN, St. Christopher`s School “Peace in our Hands”

This is the completed drawing which has been received from St. Christopher`s School in BAHRAIN.

The winning design was chosen from a competition held within school and has been given the fitting title of “Peace in Our Hands“.

Thank you to Elyse Rowlands for bringing this project to fruition in the school and for facilitating the representation of young people from Bahrain in the Schools’ International Peace Quilt Project.

Bahrain Flag Meaning:
The triangles on the white serrated stripe represent the five pillars of Islam. The colour red is supposed to represent the Kharijite sect of Islam. Bahrain’s older flags used to be entirely red, but a white stripe was added in the 19th Century to indicate truces Bahrain had made with neighbouring countries. The serrated triangles were added to the white strips to distinguish the Bahranian flag from the flags of its neighbouring countries.

Copyright © 2010–2016 Schools’ International Peace Quilt, All rights reserved.


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