ST.LUCIA, The International School of St. Lucia

Well done to Samantha Grey for this drawing to represent the International School of St. Lucia, West Indies. Thank you to Keith and Stephanie Bloodworth for all the organisation you have done in your school putting together your very own art show.We look forward to  the image of your finished Peace Quilt with your remaining drawings to be unveiled at your school assembly on March 21st, 2011.

Samantha says: “We all wish for Peace because when we all work together we can achieve anything.”

Saint Lucian Flag History:
The Saint Lucian flag was adopted on March 1, 1967. Saint Lucia gained independence from Britain on February 22, 1979. St. Lucia was first settled by France in 1650 and used the same flag as Martinique, its neighbouring island to the north. It became British in 1814. The Saint Lucian flag was designed in 1967 and underwent slight changes in 1979.

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6 thoughts on “ST.LUCIA, The International School of St. Lucia

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    1. This in English reads “competition for competitors, and Merry Christmas”.
      Funnily enough, today,We have been in discussions for every child who completes a drawing and their respective school to receive a certificate with the Inspire Olympic mark on it. In this way every child and school will be recognised for their magnificent pieces of art,and the certificates will also be a reminder to them for the part they will have played in this project for years to come.

  1. At the International School of St. Lucia, seeing everyone’s drawings put together in their own school peace quilt, with all of the messages shared about peace, was extremely inspirational. As an international school, it represents diversity and people of all backgrounds working together for a better world. And that (to me, at least) is peace.

    Happy belated new year to everyone!

  2. Thank you Samantha,You and your school have done a brilliant job !
    The International School of St. Lucia shows how we can all get along no matter what, coming together to create a very powerful and amazing message. Peace is so possible when we allow ourselves to see it and to believe it as you have proved.

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