NEW ZEALAND, Botany Downs Secondary School

This is the New Zealand design from the year 10 students in Botany Downs Secondary school. Thank you to Jennifer Kirkham and Megan Cunningham who masterminded the International Peace Quilt Project in this school. Also a very special thank you to Demi Seymour who created this wonderful design which was the winner from a school-wide competition.

Demi says:  We all wish for Peace because war doesn’t solve anything.

“I was inspired by my friends. We were making a joke and I came up with the idea of a kiwi and the moon. It’s kind of random.” Demi

Please click link above for Demi’s story as featured in one of New Zealand’s newspapers.

The flag of New Zealand consists of a dark blue base with a British Union Jack in the upper left quarter. On the right side of the flag are four, five-point red stars outlined in white. The stars are positioned to represent a southern cross.

Copyright © 2010–2018 Schools’ International Peace Quilt, All rights reserved.

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