BOTSWANA, Westwood International School

This is the drawing received today from the Westwood International School in Botswana.

Ana Vranes in Year 5, aged ten designed this work of art.

Ana’s message of peace: “We all wish for Peace because we are all the same.”

Thank you to Ana for her creativity and Amanda Williams, the Deputy Head, who coordinated the project in this school.

Thank you to everyone involved, plus we are very grateful to Lily Seleke, who saw the project through to completion for Botswana.

The colours on the Botswana flag are the same as the colours of the country’s coat of arms. The light blue represents water (the motto on the Botswana national arms is PULA, meaning “let there be rain”). The black and white stripes symbolise the racial harmony of the country’s people, as well as the pluralist nature of the society. The stripes are inspired by the zebra, the national animal of Botswana.

Copyright © 2010-2016 Schools’ International Peace Quilt, All rights reserved.


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