GREECE International School of Athens

Here we have two drawings submitted by The International School of Athens, Greece which have been fantastically created on the Olympic theme.Thank you so much to Danae Theohari age 13 for the first one above. Danae’s design features London’s Big Ben and a red bus.

Danae’s message reads: “We all wish for Peace because we want a better World!!!”

The above drawing has been created by Apostolos Ducakis who is also 13. Apostolos’ Olympic theme illustrates London’s Tower Bridge and in the centre, the Olympic rings.

Apostolos’ message: “We all wish for Peace because it brings cultures together.”

Special thanks to Maria Voulgaris, Head of Fine Arts, for coordinating the project for all young people of Greece.

Greek Flag Meaning:
The nine stripes are said to stand for the nine syllables of the Greek patriots’ motto: ‘Eleutheria e Thanatos’ meaning ‘Freedom or Death’. but another theory states that they also symbolise the nine Muses, the goddesses of art and civilisation. The blue and white colours represent the Greek sea and sky combined with white clouds and waves. The white also represents the purity of the country’s struggle for independence and for freedom. The cross symbolises Greek Orthodoxy which is the established religion of the country.

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