St. Lucia’s very own Peace Quilt


Keith Bloodworth, The International School St. Lucia had on 21 September a launch of their Peace Quilt efforts. Students have had a chance since to create their design. Soon an art show will be held to select the design to represent the school in the UK Olympic Peace Quilt. The rest of the designs which will represent… all students in the school, teachers, administrators, and custodia will be used to create our own Peace Quilt To Hang In The School.

What a great idea.

CYPRUS, The Heritage Private School


Here we welcome the design from the students of the Heritage Private School to represent Cyprus.

When you look at this drawing , it is very creative, as the Peace sentence is written in part of the Cyprus Flag. The olive branches underneath symbolise Peace. The Cypriot flag’s colours were intentionally chosen to help promote peace between the two communities living there: the Turks in the north and the Greeks in the south.

The student’s message:

“We all wish for Peace because it will bring Happiness and Joy to the world!!!”

Thank you to everyone in The Heritage Private School Cyprus for your participation. Also special thanks to Christine Gajin, Year 3 teacher, for the co-ordination of this project for Cyprus.

Cypriot Flag Description:
The Cypriot flag consists of a white base with a yellow/golden map of the island in the middle of it. Two green olive branches appear on the flag, below the map.

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CAMBODIA, Hope International School (Kingdom Of Wonder)

We all wish for World Peace because no body wants war by Sothawin






We all wish for Peace because there will be no more war by Peter

We all wish for Peace because we  hate war!! by Minjung

We wish for Peace because it will make us one by Willem and Evan

We have received four drawings from the Hope International  School in Cambodia. This country is officially known as the Kingdom Of Wonder

“The classes who did this had a lot of fun and it tied in with some work we were doing about an NZ artist.I loved seeing how different children approached it.” Rachel Saunders

Thanks so much to everyone involved and also to Rachel for connecting us to South Korea.

Cambodian Flag Meaning:

The blue colour symbolises the country’s royalty. The red represents the nation and the white represents the religion, beginning with Brahmanism, and the current major religion – Buddhism. The emblem of the temple represents the structure of the universe.

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GREECE International School of Athens

Here we have two drawings submitted by The International School of Athens, Greece which have been fantastically created on the Olympic theme.Thank you so much to Danae Theohari age 13 for the first one above. Danae’s design features London’s Big Ben and a red bus.

Danae’s message reads: “We all wish for Peace because we want a better World!!!”

The above drawing has been created by Apostolos Ducakis who is also 13. Apostolos’ Olympic theme illustrates London’s Tower Bridge and in the centre, the Olympic rings.

Apostolos’ message: “We all wish for Peace because it brings cultures together.”

Special thanks to Maria Voulgaris, Head of Fine Arts, for coordinating the project for all young people of Greece.

Greek Flag Meaning:
The nine stripes are said to stand for the nine syllables of the Greek patriots’ motto: ‘Eleutheria e Thanatos’ meaning ‘Freedom or Death’. but another theory states that they also symbolise the nine Muses, the goddesses of art and civilisation. The blue and white colours represent the Greek sea and sky combined with white clouds and waves. The white also represents the purity of the country’s struggle for independence and for freedom. The cross symbolises Greek Orthodoxy which is the established religion of the country.

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