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The Gambia
The Gambia

Today on International Peace day September 21st, 2010 we have received drawing number two from the Bakau Primary school in The Gambia. Thank you to the schools Headmaster, Alhagie Dukaray for his and the schools total commitment to the Peace Quilt. Also an additional thank you to Alex Rails the U.K. coordinator for helping us contact this school. This is a lovely colourful piece which comes with a great message from the children.

“We all need Peace, we love Peace,

We like and talk Peace,

We seek Peace,We make Peace,

We cultivate Peace,

Peace is a great asset to humanlife,

Peace for all and the World will ever be a Happy place to live.”


Bakau Primary School was established in 1947 and is one of the oldest schools in The Gambia. 

Flag Description

The red stripe represents the sun shining on the Gambia River and the blue represents that river, which runs through the center of the country and the center of the flag. The green symbolizes the land, forests and agriculture and the white stripes stand for unity, peace and purity.

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The first drawing from BRUNEI, International School of Brunei

Brunei  035

The first drawing contributed to the Schools’ International Peace Quilt was received from the International School of Brunei back on 30th June 2010 and is the very first design to be posted on our newly established blog.

As Brunei is known as the Abode of PEACE, it is very fitting that the first completed picture is from this country.

This drawing was created by a student named  Rakshana, from year 9, although we are told she created the picture while in year 8.

Special thanks to Rakshana, whose wish is:

“We all wish for Peace because with Peace comes Love and with Love we can achieve anything.”

An additional thank you to her wonderful Art teacher, Janet Jinadasa, for setting the project in action. Huge thanks for that!

Brunei Flag Meaning:
The coat of arms on the Brunei flag is a crescent (symbol of Islam) joined with a parasol (symbol of monarchy), with two gloves on both sides. Below the crescent is a ribbon. The crescent and ribbon have Arabic inscriptions which translate to “State of Brunei, Abode of peace” and “There is no deity but God, Muhammad is the messenger of God”.

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Welcome to the Schools International Peace Quilt

I would like to introduce you all to the Schools’ International Peace Quilt Project. This project was created as a celebration of the London Olympics in 2012. From humble beginnings schools were invited from all over the world to participate with a determination to include them all!  The idea was that one school from all Olympic participating countries would submit an A4 size drawing of what Peace meant to children and young people. Once the designs were received, they were then transferred onto material and all joined together to form a Schools’ International Quilt of World Unity. This work took place via the wonderful Quilters of Guisborough, UK and the Abraham Moss Community School in Manchester, which was the school representing the United Kingdom. With the International School of Copenhagen, Denmark being the first school to accept our invitation, the Summit College of South Africa number 50 and St. Anne’s Paraguay no. 100, the project went on to include 203 countries of the world. The first design arrived from Brunei a country known as the ‘abode of peace’. What an amazing message of peace and harmonious collaboration this project turned out to be.

With half the Quilt completed by September 2011, it then found its way to Switzerland to be exhibited at the One Young World Summit held in Switzerland that month. The quilt was displayed nationally all through 2012 eventually finding its way to the Stone Space Gallery in Leytonstone London, right next to the Olympic stadium. The quilt itself brought tears to many as the profound message for peace from children was felt in the hearts of all. Many amazing drawings were received, Afghanistan was very moving as was Slovenia; New Zealand was an artistic gem and the impossibility of having young people of North Korea represented actually became possible! The quilt received awards and became a part of the long forgotten Olympic Truce and has since been displayed in schools across the world.

For RIO 2016 we again invited schools,teachers and their students to once more express their message of peace to the world. In a time when Peace has never been so important, the new 2016 Peace Quilt, the Sharnbrook Upper School (UK)  Peace Patch UK project and our new ‘Stride for Truce’ event helped to further promote the OLYMPIC TRUCE which dates back to the original games in the 9th Century BC.

The 2012 project will forever live on as a lasting legacy in the form of the colourful ‘Children’s Book of Peace’ in which all the drawings have been published with added information.

 A massive thank you to so many teachers and their wonderful students for being an amazing part of this creative project, without you all this simple but ambitious idea would never have formed from an acorn into an oak!

Trish Booth Founder

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